Welcome to Thurber Studios! 

I decided to open Thurber Studios in 2015 when I realized there was something missing in Minnesota’s entertainment  industry.  I want to offer our clients the ability hold an event, whether it’s live music event, a wedding, a corporate party, or any number of other types of events, and use just ONE source for everything they need to make their event successful.  Instead of having to contract with a photographer, videographer, DJ, catering, etcetera ; you can have Thurber Studios handle the entire event for you!

I was inspired by my son, Isaak Thurber, to do what I really love to do, and that is to help other people succeed!   Since opening Thurber Studios, we’ve expanded into website design & hosting, graphic design, product branding & development, event planning & hosting, professional photography/videography, music video production, a professional recording studio, and many more exciting things to come in the near future!

I’m very thankful for the team I’m surrounded by, and with our help, we will help you succeed!

Email me personally with any comments or questions at Erik@ThurberStudios.com or fill out our contact form below.